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Surveillance cameras can be traced as far back as 1927, when a Russian physicist demonstrated a shortwave transmitter and receiver and a manually operated scanning transmitting camera.

Our story starts in December of 1996, and the influence it had on the Okanagan marketplace during this period. We, the owners of Ok Communications, dba Spy vs Spy, before we started Spy vs Spy, also owned a small indoor grow supply business, which was having issues with staff theft. They decided to bring in some pinhole cameras and connect them to a VCR recorder and record the goings on at strategic locations within the business. Once the cameras were in place, all that was needed was to review the video after an event would occur. Eventually we were able to determine the problem employees and remove them from our business.

Now that we knew how to implement this technology, we found many more applications that would assist others in deploying such technology and having successful results. That was the beginning of a new business plan and we embarked on the Spy vs Spy endeavour that continues to this day.

Many technological changes have occurred since the mid to late 90’s. Digital Video Recording and remote access to your computers was a great step forward and allowed customers to view live footage on there computers at a remote site. Eventually this technology was able to connect remotely to the cellular phone and that changed the surveillance game forever.

In today’s marketplace, surveillance cameras come in many shapes, sizes, and technologies. Analog cameras still exist, and they are achieving the very best in resolution. The resolution is equivalent to digital camera quality, but are typically a better price point than their digital counterpart. Analog cameras convert the data to digital within the Digital Video Recorder, and then the data is stored on the hard drive.

IP cameras, or internet protocol technology refers to the cameras that capture the data digitally from the image sensor. An IP camera can be connected directly to the internet as it is already digital data. The latest features for camera technologies seem to be applied to the IP cameras first. Edge recording can be found in IP cameras as well. This is where you can add a memory card onto the PCB of the camera and record to it rather than a digital recorder. These memory cards are quite small and don’t have the capacity of a Network Video Recorder but may offer a solution for someone who is looking to capture an event right away.

Cameras with both technologies can now have analytics built into them for specific tasks, such as object classification to identify whether the movement in the field of view of the camera is human or vehicle versus other objects. These object identifications can now be programmed to provide an outcome, such as send an alert to your phone if a human is identified in the field of view of the camera.

Technology keeps moving the surveillance camera to the front lines of the security industry, but they can also be used as a management tool or advertising medium. Let Spy vs Spy help you configure your surveillance equipment for your specific requirements and expectations.

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